In this tutorial we will learn about Alcide Kubernetes Advisor, and how we can integrate it with Azure DevOps to implement continuous security and cluster hygiene for one or more Kubernetes clusters.

Alcide Code-to-production security

Alcide Advisor is an agentless Kubernetes audit, compliance and hygiene scanner that's built to ensure a friction free DevSecOps workflow. Alcide Advisor can be plugged in early in the development process and before moving to production.

With Alcide Advisor, the security checks you can cover includes:

Alcide Code-to-production security

We are going to create an Azure Pipeline that runs a security scan of an AKS cluster with the buitin scan profile.

Create a build pipeline

Alcide Kubernetes Advisor tasks require a linux based running environment and therefore we will select Ubuntu 1604 in the drop list

Add Alcide Kubernetes Advisor Task to our pipeline

Add Publish Build Artifacts Task to our pipeline

Configure Publish Build Artifacts Task

Run the pipeline by clicking the Save & Queue button

To run the pipeline, simply click the Save & Queue button on the menu.

At this point a build host will spin up and run our pipeline tasks.